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A walk to the top of Bredon Hill will blow away the cobwebs and you will be rewarded with stunning views of the Vale of Evesham and the Malvern Hills. 

Our Bredon Hill Circular Walk was approximately 5 miles and began in the village of Conderton (GL20 7PU), which offers a more gentle climb. 

Follow the road to the right of the pub and then turn left to follow the stream up the road to a gated field. Closing the gate behind you, follow the footpath up the hill. The footpaths are clearly marked, please stick to these! 

Keep climbing steadily, following the footpath. When you reach Pigeon Lane, turn left and then go through the barrier/gate on your right. We enjoyed a pit stop in a small woodland about half way up, where someone had been busy building a stick den!

As you near the top of the slope, follow the path round to the left and begin the final ascent to the top of the hill. You will pass what looks like a scaffolding tower on your left, which has a warning light for planes at the top.

Keep walking, you're nearly at the top! A stone folly will come into view and you will walk through a hill fort to reach it. Look out for the toposcope near the folly, so you can check out what you're looking at in all the different directions. While at the top, have a look for Elephant Rock!

When you've had your fill of the views, you can either go back the way you came, or continue along the same path, past the folly and walk through the woodland. Shortly after leaving the woodland (look out for the swing) turn left and follow the permissive path across the fields and past the dovecote. This will lead you back to the main footpath, which you can follow back down the hill to Pigeon Lane.

We hope you enjoy this walk, we loved it and will definitely being going back again soon!

Write up by Steph from stephloveshoney.com. You can follow Team Gore's adventures over on Instagram.

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